26 Double Steel Boned Corset Heavy Duty Waist Training Shaper = 1733934340

Dear Deer Fashion

$ 36.59 $ 311.02

Satin Choose size mainly based on your waistline measurement. The correct corset size should be 3"-4" inches smaller than your natural waistline. For example, for 30" inches wearer's natural waistline, Corset 26"(fit Natural Waist 28-30 inches) fits best for TIGHT LACING. 26 Steel Bones: 20 Spiral Steel Bones, 4 Rigid Steel Bars Supporting Back, 2 Steel Bars Adjacent to Front Busk. Strong Corset Cord Lacing Back: Ribbon Lacing. 3 Layers of Fabric: 2 Inner Layers of High Quality Cotton, Middle Layer Laminated to Outer Layer for Extra Strength

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